Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a way of increasing the percentage of visitors who complete a certain task (your conversion rate) by improving your site. Often, businesses like to focus on the task of making a purchase, but it can be something else, such as subscribing to a newsfeed. Like many of the best marketing techniques, CRO is scientific, in the sense that it is based on observation, plus trial and error.

The ultimate goal of CRO is to provide an intensified method of optimization that maximizes a return on investment that increases profitability. When a website does not generate the amount of conversions comparable to the amount of incoming traffic, a designer and marketer should focus on the four key components of a page – web presence, search engine optimization, traffic generation and transactions or conversion rate.

There are certain elements of CRO that can be adapted to further enhance optimization, including: persuasive site aspects; user behavior; and visitor empathy. There can actually be a collaboration between these two methods by using search engine optimization to attract traffic or visitors and then adopting the elements that CRO has to offer to provide searchers with a good experience and conversion to customers.

True CRO is the combination of art and science with a focus on user behavior.  In this session you will learn from a leading expert and active marketer that will take you through a proprietary process for analyzing a website, determining problems and challenges and mapping out a strategy to correct these problems.